Technical Solutions for Marketing & Sales Teams

Areas of Work


Data Harvesting

Data drives the work that companies do and the internet is full of useful supplemental data in a myriad of formats. I build custom tools to repeatably compile and update datasets to either fill knowledge gaps or enrich the your company's knowledge of its market. My approach goes deeper than screen scraping leveraging tools built in-house to identify useful data often beyond what is displayed to visitors.


With a background administrating and integrating with multiple platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, and Pardot, I can assist your company manage, clean up, configure reporting, and ingest data into the tools you use. I've seen many of the growing pains and pitfalls that come with a rapidly growing business and can help you avoid them.

Security AnalysiS

I conduct analyses of your company's web presence and mobile applications to identify weak points in their design that if exploited would allow a third party to extract data from your systems. My background working with marketing and sales teams assists me in identifying and explaining how that data in the hands of others could be damaging to your company.



Continuing Relationships

Looking for continuous support? HERE’S HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER


I want to be a part of your team, understand your business and industry, and help you grow—so that together we can elevate your business to the next level. I've often found that my best and most impactful work comes from casual conversations with clients that spin off into untapped opportunities.



$1,800 CAD

This is a great package for getting started especially if you aren't entirely sure what work you want to pass off to an external technical resource yet.

I'll keep you in the loop with where our hours are each week and if you approve any overages they will be billed for the following month.


$3,000 CAD

Perfect for rapidly growing businesses constrained on internal development resources.

This is the most popular package as your business is growing and you are branching out into new ventures.


$3,600 CAD

The best fit for established businesses with defined continuous needs.

Differing from the other packages I'll spend more time on opportunity identification based upon the established business needs discussed giving you time to focus on scaling your successful business further.